3" or 2.5" backspacing with 35x12.5 16's

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3" or 2.5" backspacing with 35x12.5 16's

Postby dfwrover » Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:42 am

I posted on IFSJA too but wanted to get a wider audience

I have read a lot of the previous posts and it seems like for a 35x12/15 or 315/75/16 (even 33x12.5) most people are in the 3.75 backspacing or 3.5 backspacing. But I still read that lots of people hit the springs on turns and have had to do adjustments to turn stops...same thing I had on my F250, and I would rather clear without that

This is on a 79 Wag, with 6"lift (4" spring 2" body) and fender trimming with stock D44's
There is a racing shop called Marsh

They will build steel wheels for you for basically 10bucks more than a 4wparts rim, and I would definitely rather go with Marsh racing (they build street and offroad wheels here in the USA)
So I could have them build 16x8's (my tire preference to share tires/not wheels with my F250) with any backspacing I want.

I am going to run a 315/75/r16 and wanting to stay with 8" wide rim
Do we think 3" would be a solve for the leaf rubbing? Should I consider 2.5" I am not concerned about tire sticking past the fenders and believe with enough cutting that would not create issues with clearance
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