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The Wave Hunter

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2015 7:17 pm
by Larry
The project I'm fixing to get back on, will start with the engine. It will be built for getting to remote spots on the beach.
The engine has a not-to-old rebuild on it, so I'm not going into the short block. Money is a factor too.

The rundown of "The Wave Hunter"
1981 Wagoneer w/360/727/208/3.31 gears, and 33" BFGs

'79 Exhaust Manifolds (they look a little like shorty headers - to get rid of that log style manifold on the drivers side)
Stock Exhaust for now
Valve Job with a 3 Angle Valve Grind
Summit K8600 cam & lifters
Trick Flow Inner & Outer Valve Springs
New Comp Pushrods and oem Rockers
Edelbrock Performer Manifold
Gasket Matching and a light porting on both manifolds
Modded Holley Carb
* will swap back and forth with a QuadraJet - depending on which I can get tuned for the best mileage AND the best punch *
Electric Fuel Pump with Fuel Injector Hose (pvc/teflon liner to prevent inner hose deterioration from clogging carb passages) eventually

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