"whitey" My '87 Grand Wag

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"whitey" My '87 Grand Wag

Postby MjrWraith » Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:11 pm

Okay, as I've said in an earlier post the "Green Beast" has given up the ghost. So I was lucky enough after only a couple weeks of searching to find my dear "Whitey". She's an '87 Grand Wagoneer w/ 132k miles, 3.51 ratio Dana 44's (Still trying to figure this one out, I thought all the chrysler wags were 3.31), 3" of lift which the previous owner really screwed up at least on the rear, very little surface rust on the body and undercarriage (yes I looked it over with a very fine tooth comb no through and through rust anywhere). So after settling on a price it was road trip time. My dad, the wife, and I all jumped in his '79 Scout II (only truck worthy enough to haul an FSJ) and headed to Durant, OK. When we we got there I looked it over cranked it up, which was a joke cause the steering column was so worn out the steering wheel set in your lap. Paid the gentleman $1,500 and loaded her up on the car dolly and back to Amarillo we ran. Of course what's a roadtrip without disaster. In a truckstop parking lot about 30 miles from Sherman Tx one of the front tires blew, which wasn't too bad cause the front tires were on the car dolly, this should've informed me of the impending doom. From the truck stop till about 20 miles outside of Amarillo everything was going great and then it happened....it's 10 o clock at night we're almost home and both not one but both the rear tires explode. Almost causes both trucks to go rubber side up. So we had to call my mom who stayed in town to watch our three kids to bring us two of the tires of "The Green Beast" so we can make it home. So three hours, three grumpy tired kids, and one incredulous wife (my wife can't understand my obsession with these trucks) later "Whitey" was home. I yanked the old stock tires off and threw on my old set of 265/75R15's from "Green beast". He had 3" springs in the front and 2" blocks in the rear so I pulled the blocks out and threw in a set of 3" blocks(yes I know I don't like blocks but for the moment it's all I can do) to even the height and make it look right, luckily he was smart enough to put new shocks on he just wasn't smart enough to put them on right. He had the rear shocks on upside down, needless to say it made for a bumpy ride. The front end alignment was laughable due to his hackjob on the various steering components. So after scrapping "the Green Beast" and putting her front end under this one, I had it all aligned only to realize I needed new tires. So I stuck a set of 32x11.50R15 BFG A/T's on her and man she looks good. So the next few months are going to be filled with heart wrenching scrap work and transplanting from "The Green Beast" into "Whitey". Here are the most recent pics of "Whitey".
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