Wanted: J-Truck pre-1979 no-rust (Dallas, Tx)

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Wanted: J-Truck pre-1979 no-rust (Dallas, Tx)

Postby WideTrack » Thu Mar 04, 2010 7:11 pm

Looking to purchase a rust-free J-Truck any model prior to 1979. No motor, no problem. I just do not want to do body work or paint work.

J10, J20, J2000, J3000, J4000

I do not want to do body work so good metal and a 20 footer finish is highly desired (preferably original, faded or not). No rusty (or discolored) bed seams or missing paint please. Also, I am not interested in major lifts or modifications, closer to factory the better. A small lift (<4") may be okay.

I want the one you've been hiding in your garage for 20 years. If you are thinking about selling please let me know, I will hide it in my garage for the next 20 years :biggrin:

I am open on the price, depending on the vehicle.

Other desired but not required...
Setup for A/C is also a huge plus
Presentable interior
Prefer good factory wheels over after market
Clear title
Would prefer trucks within reasonable drive of Dallas TX.
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Re: Wanted: J-Truck pre-1979 no-rust (Dallas, Tx)

Postby Elliott » Thu May 27, 2010 6:33 pm

Wish I could help you but I can't even steer you towards one like that....
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Re: Wanted: J-Truck pre-1979 no-rust (Dallas, Tx)

Postby budhabaier » Thu Jun 24, 2010 8:06 pm

Have you checked with Milton at Southwest Jeep Sales? He's down by Godley. He had some pickups out there.

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Re: Wanted: J-Truck pre-1979 no-rust (Dallas, Tx)

Postby that70model » Fri Sep 17, 2010 1:33 am

I have a J10 in Tyler,TX that could be for sale. It is going to fall short on your list of requirements, but is original and deserves to be reborn. The first and the worst part is no title :banghead: There is no foulplay, it has been in my possecion for over 10 yrs just never went through the motions. Shes a 78 lwb widetrack 2 tone tan and jeep orange. The bed behind the cab has is 90% of the rust issues not a major issue in my opinion. I have had an old camper topper over it for the past 6 yrs. The interior seat is in the bed of the truck. The engine is gone but I have another in my garage with the tranny and quadra transfer case. I would hate to let her go but if you think you could make it work for you make me an offer.
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