WTB: FSJ for a short commute/weekend vehicle, beach buggy

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WTB: FSJ for a short commute/weekend vehicle, beach buggy

Postby ShawnQ » Sun Feb 10, 2013 9:19 am

I'm looking for a FSJ to use as a short distance daily/weekend driver, with the occasional trip to the beaches around Galveston, and to pull my boat off the ramp (less than 1mi from the house so wont tow it far).

-I'd prefer them with 4 doors, but would consider the older 2 door styles. I like the Round 4-Headlight configuration(older style) but that isn't a big deal since it can be converted easily.

-I am not afraid to do some work to it, but one that runs/drives is preferred.

-I would prefer one that isn't 'pristine' as I don't want to ruin a good candidate for a restoration. However, I want a solid body/frame so I don't have to worry about stepping through the floor. I definitely wouldn't pass on a pristine one, but the price I'm looking for probably wont yield a top condition FSJ.

-Lift Kits are OK as I would plan to lift it eventually with a 3-6" kit.

-Drivetrain strength/condition is more important than aesthetics. I'm definitely a form follows function kind of guy.

Let me know if you see anything. I've been keeping my eye on craigslist, and there have been a few...but nothing I can't resist just yet.

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