1979 Jeep Wagoneer...AWESOME

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1979 Jeep Wagoneer...AWESOME

Postby jim360 » Thu Jan 26, 2012 9:29 pm

See Ebay # 330677336362 for more photos & info to purchase this vehicle

My Loss Your Gain.

I purchased this Jeep 21 years ago in Washington State. It has been garaged and babied for the time I have owned it. I have done extensive work on this vehicle, as can be evidenced by the list below. This Wagoneer runs & drives excellent. I have a Clear title ready to be signed over to the new owner.

Year/Model: 1979 Jeep Wagoneer Limited
Total Miles 141,937
Engine: 5.9 Liter V-8 (360 cu inches) with only 17,500 miles on complete rebuild
Transmission: TH400 Automatic
Quadratrac QT-1339 transfer case (full time 4-wheel drive) with low range and emergency drive.
Motorcraft 2150 2-bbl carb
Dana 44 front and rear (3.54 gearing)
Heavy Duty Tow Hitch with 6-pin Trailer Light connector
Intermittent Wipers
Texas State Vehicle Inspection completed 1/21/2012 and new sticker on windshield
Heater/defrost & all gauges in good working order
Passenger doors have manual locks & windows and they are in good working order

Now for the good stuff. . . All of the parts listed below have been driven 17,500 miles or less since installation.

Engine rebuilt with mild RV cam installed & has 17,500 miles since rebuild; done by RAM engine. Cost $2,466.00
New Transmission Flex Plate installed when engine rebuilt.
TFI ignition upgrade including High performance TFI cap and rotor, plugs & wires. Parts Cost $150.00.
See http://www.ifsja.org/tech/electrical/ig ... grade.html for information on TFI upgrade. Also have printout of part#s used, so they can be easily replaced if needed.
Ignition control module; installed high performance Pertronix Flame Thrower HEI ECU used for more reliability & ease of replacement. Cost $45.00.
Dual exhaust from engine to tail pipes including: headers, two catalytic converters & two glass pack mufflers. Headers: $161.00, Catalytic Converters: $175.00. Exhaust made from stainless flex tubing & aluminized steel tubing. Entire exhaust is bolted together using 3 bolt steel plate flanges welded onto cats, mufflers etc & so can easily be taken apart if needed.
Rancho RS5000 shocks on front & rear. Cost $147.00
33 x 12.50 x 15 BFG All Terrain Radial TA tires & 15" x 10" American Eagle polished aluminum wheels. Cost $1105.00. "Tires & Wheels" have ONLY 7000 miles on them!
Front end alignment after new tires/wheels installed.
Base coat/clear coat paint job on entire vehicle including inside of vehicle. Cost $1000.00 for paint materials, not including labor.
Hood scoop installed (1970 Boss Mustang Type). . .looks awesome. Cost $111.00 for unpainted scoop
Rear quarter panels cut out & replaced as well as some rust areas on inner wheel wells.
Rear wheel wells trimmed to give more room for tires & even out look of front to rear wheel well openings
Panasonic high power CD Player/Receiver with Removable Faceplate & wireless remote.
Four 6" x 9" speakers also installed.
4" diameter Side Nerf Bars, custom made
Entire underside undercoated
New Steel Horse center console with lockable top, cup holders on front & back, change holder spring buttons and sunglass compartment. Cost $68.00
New Steel horse front bucket seats. . .very nice. Cost $500.00
New Powered trailer towing harness for tail-light/brake-lights, with 6-way connector plug
All four leaf springs replaced with New "Rusty's" Leaf Springs with 4" of lift. Cost $415.00
Poly bushings for all spring shackles upper & lower eyes. Cost $74.00
4" drop pitman arm installed. Cost $96.00
Poly bushings for front sway bar. Cost $23.00
Polyurethane body-to-frame mounts installed. Cost $100.00
New passenger section carpet. Cost $150.00
Heavy Duty (4 core) Radiator. Cost: $306.00
Heavy Duty Fan Clutch. Cost $45.00
Heavy Duty Thermostat
Driving lights installed below bumper
New rear license plate light fixture
Remanufactured carburetor installed 2010.
Front & Rear bumpers replaced with aluminum bumpers from newer Wagoneer. Cost $200.00
Analog clock replaced with "bright" LED clock.
New glove box liner. Cost $20.00
Cab clearance lights installed.
Insulated Hood Liner installed
Two heavy duty relays installed. One relay powers TFI ignition for full 12 volts to ignition. Second relay powers auxiliary driving lights so they will power off when ignition is turned off. Second relay also has hot wire going to under dash area for future stereo amplifier power if/when needed.
Rear aluminum wing installed
New Battery just purchased & installed 1/25/2012. Cost $99.41

Items to be sold with vehicle. . .ran out of time to install these brand-new items. . .

New Braided stainless steel extended length brake hoses Cost $ 110.00
New inner & outer window wipes for all 4 doors at cost of $110.00.
New Inner & outer wipes for rear tailgate window cost of $ 60.00
New lenses for front turn signals & rear brake lights. Cost: $35.00
New high quality chrome lug nuts with 4 wheel locks & lock key. Cost $43.00
Ignition centrifugal advance springs. Cost: $4.00

Also coming with vehicle:

Original four tires/wheels. Tires are 235/75/15 Toyo Open Country Radial with ~ 30,000 miles on them. Wheels are the stock aluminum 15" x 7". (See photo of one of the wheel/tires)
Driver side mirror from newer Jeep. Installed passenger side but drivers side needs some fabricating to match holes. Mirrors look new.
Chilton Manual & original owner's manual.
Used tailgate window lifting arms/gear mechanism
OEM highlift bumper jack.

What is not perfect:

All four leaf springs were replaced with four new springs to get 4" of lift to make room for the new tires/wheels. Minor rubbing on front part of the wheel well if on a sharp turn while at the same time having one front wheel up (ie curb) & other front wheel down. Front of wheel lip bent in some to help with clearance. If new owner plans to take this out four-wheeling, this will need to be addressed.
The paint looks excellent but does have a few minor chips & scratches here & there. There are some surface rust bubbles on a small area on rear tailgate and some rust bubbles on the front corner next to the front bumper (see photo) and on passenger side rocker panel (see photo). The replacement fenders & hood scoop were painted to match the rest of the vehicle. The rear fender area shows some slight warping where the fenders were welded on & so look good but not perfect. Also a small scratch about 1 inch long on hood by side of hood scoop.
Passenger side floor air vent sealed shut & dash knob removed
The lens cover to the fuel/temp guage is loose and needs to be glued
Front dome light cover missing.
Dome lights do not always turn on when door opened (sticking door switch?)
A few small chips on Front Windshield
Some chips on front wheel well lip paint
Small dent on top of drivers side roof with paint chipped but touched up
Small area of paint on front passenger side fender shows some tape lines from touch up.
The tail gate window does not work and is currently permanently secured in the up position. I have a used tailgate window lifting arms/gear mechanism that will go to purchaser, to fix tailgate in future.
Chrome strip on top of front windshield missing, replacement should be easily found at junkyard
Metal strips in cargo area were removed. Planned on putting down wood floor but never got around to it.
Remanufactured carb has an automatic choke but it is not connected. I am not very good with carbs and didn't want to mess with trying to get it set right. Should be easily connected and adjusted by someone who knows what they are doing. I just let the jeep warm up for several minutes before driving.
Headliner was replaced about 8 years ago but just noticed it has small area coming loose.
Cruise control does not work
One cab clearance light not working
This Jeep has no Air Conditioning (it was removed)
Rear window defroster does not work
Do not have spare tire the same size/height as the current tires on the jeep, but do have the old spare that was originally with the Jeep. Spare tire holder under the jeep, was removed.

You really have to see this Wagoneer to appreciate how nice it is. It definitely turns heads. I would have never dreamed of selling this after spending so many hundreds of hours working on it as well as putting thousands of dollars into it. FYI: the hood scoop makes this Wagoneer look just plain cool. . . Your wife will NOT want you to purchase this Jeep because it is a CHICK MAGNET!

I have tried to list as many things about this Wagoneer as I can remember.

Adding up how much I have paid for the big item parts I could remember, total up to over $8000.00 Dollars! This does not include the literally hundreds of labor hours & many other parts I have purchased & installed.

This vehicle is sold as is, no warranty. Buyer responsible for picking up/transport of vehicle.

This vehicle is for sale in the United States Only. No buyers from outside of the United States.
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